The Karamojong children need you

Help girls like Napucha to get free education and food 

Act for Children Around the World is a approved humanitarian organization that is currently providing food, shelter and education for the children of Karamoja. We currently support 500 children with free education and food but where we are operating their is around  6000 children more that are waiting for us and your donation.

Act for Children Around the World

What we do

We help street children in the capital of Uganda and children in the most remote areas of Uganda where famine and child trafficking is high. We help them by giving them Free Education, Shelter and Food.

Bracelets that saves children's lives

Save street children's lives by ordering unique bracelets that karamojong women that are living on the street have made by hand!

With every bracelet that you order the street woman get 10$ to support her children with food and shelter and the other 10$ goes to the school that we have built for the karamojong children that are living in the hardest conditions in Uganda.

We believe in a world where children don't go days without food

We believe in a world where no children are  living on the street

We believe that education can change one person and that person can change his whole village 



Act for Children Around the World


Who We Are


Act for Children Around the World was made by a single goal; to help children that are suffering the most in the most difficult places around the world. Here at Act for Children Around the World no one gets a salary or some kind of financial profit. This is a 100% non-profit humanitarian organization with the only mission which is to help children that suffers around the world. We are on the ground making sure that the support that you give us is being use as effectivily as possible. We work with as much transparency as possible  to bring you trust so that you know where and to what the donation is being used for.


Orphanage for the karamojong street children

Our new life saving project



Current situations 

Reports estimates that there is around 10.000 street children in Kampala (the capital of Uganda) and more than half of them are karamojongs. Meaning their is at least 5000 karamojong children living in the streets. 

Why a orphanage? and who will be in our orphanage?

We want to help the children that suffers the most and we have seen that street children that have no parents suffers more abuse and violence. These are the children that will be in our orphanage, there might be some instanses where a child have parent but has been left alone on the street and is being seriously abused, either sexually or in other physical ways they also will be able to be with us. Both girls and boys will be in our orphanage and they will get free education in the school that we've built. 

We think that if you are reading this right now it means that you care alot about children that suffers around the world so we promise you that if you give you donation/support to us we will use 100% of the donation for the children and with as efficiency as possible. You can contact us at any time and we will answer all of you questions or ideas. We really need all the help we can get.

We need heroes that can give a little every months 

To give 100 children education every months it cost: 50$

To give 40 children education every months it cost: 25$ 

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