Unique bracelet made by the karamojong women

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Bracelet made from the karamojong women in Uganda


    By buying one beautiful bracelet you are supporting the karamojong children that are in the street and the karamojong children that are living in rural areas where they go days without eating. You are making a real difference by purchasing these special bracelet.


    There is no return policy because we are getting them from Uganda and we cannot send them back. Be aware that the bracelet that is on the picture might differe slightly to the one you will get because every bracelet is hand made on the street by the karamojong and it can never be exactly the same but you will get the same design and colours. 


    If you have not gotten your bracelet send us a message and we will refund you. We believe in honestly and transparency. 


    The bracelet may take between 1-4 weeks to get but the average time is 10days to come to you. 


    Privacy is very important to us so we will not use any of your information for other things than to ship your bracelet/s. 

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